Meal Kit Preparation

When Time Is Short, True Samurai Seek The Noodle Kit

We’ve got the noodles, stock, and spices. You add your favourite fresh ingredients. Together, we make ridiculously delicious ramen in just 15 minutes.
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Pot Line up

These Aren’t Your Conventional Instant Noodles. Oh No, Definitely Not.

With more flavours than you can shake a (chop)stick at, you’ll discover a pot for any and every occasion. Like Tuesdays.
The pot-ential is endless
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See What’s Cookin’ Behind The Scenes

Get fresh inspiration for your next meal (hint: it’s going to be seriously delicious)
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Honestly delicious noodles

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Natural source of protein
Made with the tastiest ingredients
Slurp at work or at home

The Bigger Picture

We’re big fans of everyone being able to live their best life, and we love supporting the people who help make that happen. Here are the people and causes we’re raising a pot to.
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