Why is palm oil used?

Palm oil is a super-efficient oil product made from the fruits of African Oil Palms. It’s used more in products than other oils like soybean or coconut because a lot more can be produced per acre of land.

Did you know palm oil can be found in 50% of the products found in your supermarket?

Why is it so bad?

The main issue with palm oil is that it’s extremely harmful to the planet, because the way it’s grown is unsustainable. Producers of palm oil clear vast amounts of rainforest to grow palm and in doing so are affecting the fragile rainforest ecosystem. Manufacturing palm oil is also a huge contributor to climate change, as a huge amount of carbon dioxide is produced as a result of burning the rainforest.

The continuing expansion of palm oil plantations also means there’s a growing threat to species like Orangutans, gibbons and tigers (along with 190 other species) whose habitats are being destroyed.

You won’t find any palm oil here!

Unfortunately, instant noodles have quite a bad reputation for being unhealthy and it’s commonly known that some instant noodle brands contain palm oil. Not only do they use palm oil, but some fail to adopt a truly responsible palm oil policy.

We’re changing that perception of instant noodles here at Kabuto Noodles, and we can assure you that (unlike some of our competitors) we don’t use palm oil in any of our products. Plus, our noodles are only made up of real and natural ingredients and don’t contain any of that other nasty stuff like additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers.

So, what can you do to help?

Here at Kabuto we consider ourselves a truly ethical company, and even being so small, we think it’s important to do our bit to help the planet and the environment that we live in.

On a global level there are lots of organisations out there are working hard to improve the issue surrounding palm oil usage. We work with the charity Cool Earth who are halting deforestation and actively conserving our rainforests by working with indigenous villages to protect it.

By supporting charities like Cool Earth you can also do your bit to help!

But ultimately the only way producers will consider more sustainable practices is through consumer pressure. So, when you’re next doing your weekly shop, make sure you’re checking the labels for palm oil or look for RSPO certified palm oil, whose producers must adhere to strict guidelines.