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Explore Cambodia with Kabuto’s Asian Traveller

We sent our Asian Traveller on a foodie adventure to explore the awe-inspiring country of Cambodia to help us discover new ingredients and deliciou...

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Doing The Fan Dance With Ed Jackson

2 years ago, Crispin, the founder of Kabuto Noodles broke his neck after diving into a shallow river in Portugal. He spent over a year in recovery....

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The Big Switch

You might’ve noticed we've made a change to the style of our pots recently… I just wanted to explain our thinking behind changing them. Our old ...

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Happy Chinese New Year

February 5th 2019 marks the first day of new Chinese year, and this year celebrates the year of the pig. The pig represents the 12th of all the ...

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The Journey To Recovery and Enlightenment 

2 years ago, Crispin, the founder of Kabuto Noodles broke his neck diving into a shallow river in Portugal. He spent over a year in recovery. 19...

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Supporting FRANK Water

We take care to use only the highest quality ingredients in our noodles. But the one vital addition that we often take for granted is...water! Let’...

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Kabuto’s Noodle Pulling Workshop

Did you know the art of noodle pulling takes over 6 months of practise to master? So, we thought to ourselves, "challenge accepted"! Let's host our...

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The Tusk Rhino Trail

Sadly, rhino populations across Africa are in critical danger, threatened by a global poaching crisis. The illegal wildlife trade is now the fourth...

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The Health Benefits of Kabuto’s Ingredients

Kabuto Noodles are made using only real and natural ingredients and absolutely nothing unnatural like flavour enhancers or preservatives; because w...

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The Origins of Chopsticks

Did you know a third of the world uses chopsticks every day? Here at Kabuto we of course love our Asian food, and this means that we’re pretty fami...

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Helping Stop Deforestation

We work with Cool Earth, the non-profit organisation that works alongside local people to halt deforestation and forest degradation. Did you kno...

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Celebrating Vesak or “Buddha Day”

Buddha’s Birthday known as Vesak Day is celebrated on various dates in spring throughout the world, and each Buddhist culture has its own tradition...

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Whether it’s selling trees to buy food at the local market, or clearing forest to grow more crops, hunger puts serious pressure on communities and ...

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