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“They who knows others are wise.
They who knows noodles are enlightened.”

Here at Kabuto Noodles, we’re doing things differently, our own way.

As a team of seven, having principles and a purpose is integral to our success. We believe in building honest relationships with our customers; working closely with our suppliers; giving something back and doing the right thing for the planet.

We’re here to make food that we eat ourselves and feed our family and friends with. Taking the flavours of the East and bringing them to the West whilst staying true to the Kabuto Way.

Our Principles

Be Curious

Don’t follow the crowd, if we had Kabuto wouldn’t exist so this ethos is something we continue to live by. We’re ambitious and not afraid to try something new even if it doesn’t work out in the end (here’s to you Kabuto Rice pots).

Be Real

This flows through everything we do, from using only real ingredients in our products to building honest relationships with our customers. We value being honest with you and being honest with ourselves, it’s how we achieve great things.

Have A Conscience

As a small company, we want to ensure we are doing the right thing and making changes when we need to. This means things like working closely with a charity to mitigate our carbon emissions or changing our packaging to be 100% recyclable, because sometimes doing the easy thing isn’t the right thing.

Ultimately - Be Enlightened

To us, being enlightened means being curious, real and having a conscience whilst enjoying life – whether that means securing a new retailer, watching films on the sofa or hiking in the local national park. We work hard to achieve our goals both at home and at work, it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.