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Discover The Secrets of Cambodia
With Kabuto’s Asian Traveller

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Discover The Delicious Delights of Cambodia

We sent our Asian Traveller on a foodie adventure to explore the awe-inspiring country of Cambodia to help us discover new ingredients and delicious recipes for Kabuto’s noodle dishes.

She began her journey in the resort town of Siem Reap - home to the mysterious ancient overgrown temples built during the Khmer Empire. Then it was off to explore the bustling district of Ban Lung and then the vibrant Phnomh Penh - famous for the massive art deco Central Market.

Next she spent a few days in Kep - known for its delicious seafood and tropical islands. Then Kampot with its crumbling architecture, plant-filled cafés and boutique stores. Finally her last few days were spent on the tiny, but beautiful island of Koh Rong Sanloem and then completing the circle and travelling back to the beginning, visiting the riverside settings of Battambang.

Read on to discover the delicious delights Kabuto’s Asian Traveller found on her travels around Cambodia.

Siem Reap’s Wild Flavours

Starting off her delicious foodie adventure, Kabuto’s Asian Traveller visited Siem Reap, where she found a small restaurant called Wild. It offered the perfect blend of Asian dishes with Western flavours. Their spring rolls were maybe some of the best she'd ever had! Perfectly crunchy and packed full of flavour.

Uncover The Yellow Noodles Raising Money for Charity

Next our Asian Traveller discovered a noodle dish from the New Leaf Eatery in Siem Reap. This light dish consisted of yellow noodles, chicken, egg, bean sprouts, garlic, shallot, chilli flakes and sweet tamarind sauce (a tasty pulp made from the tamarind fruit). In Cambodia, you can get tamarind that is both sweet, and not sweet, from the local markets.

Each month 30% the New Leaf Eatery's profits are donated to a chosen charity or project and 20% is shared among the Cambodian staff. To date, they have donated over US$ 40,000! They are currently donating profits to PEPY Empowering Youth and SeeBeyondBorders.

Khmer Noodles in Phnom Penh

In Phnom Penh Kabuto's Asian Traveller found a noodle dish called Khmer noodles. The dish is typically made with thick white noodles, carrot pickle and crispy pork, with a light, spicy broth and a scattering of sesame seeds - the perfect lunchtime snack! They were absolutely divine and only $1 in Phnom Penh's Russian Market.

Kep - Holy Crab!

Next she discovered Kep’s fish market - a crazy hubbub of locals and tourists buying fish skewers, shellfish and of course, crab dishes. Lunch at Holy Crab was crab in a lemon cream sauce - delicious!

Making Fish Amok in Kampot

Next stop was Kampot, famous for Fish Amok. Fish amok is the country's staple dish, typically made with a 'hard fish' such as snake fish found in nearby rivers. Add 'amok paste' which is a combination of lemongrass, galangal (a tropical spice similar to ginger), fresh turmeric, shallots, garlic and dried chilli. Next add some fresh coconut milk, chicken stock, salt, Kampot pepper, fish sauce and palm sugar to taste. So very tasty!!

Naturally growing pepper in Kampot

Ever wondered what pepper looks like growing naturally? Organically grown in red, black, white and green varieties, the foothills of the Elephant Mountains near Kampot offer the perfect climate for the pepper to grow. There are numerous pepper plantations around Kampot and Kep, and international demand has increased over the past decade.

Jaan Bai in Battambang

On the final stop of her travels, our Asian Traveller visited the laid-back riverside setting of Battambang where she discovered the restaurant Jaan Bai – meaning ‘rice bowl’ in Khmer. This restaurant is a social enterprise restaurant initiative of the Cambodian Childrens Trust (CCT) and the Feel Good Coffee Group. It provides skills development and employment for Cambodian youth, with a share of profits going towards CCT’s child protection and community development work.

The food is absolutely delicious and it is easily the most popular 'Western' restaurant in Battambang, serving Cambodian, fusion and Asian cuisine. Here our Asian Traveller enjoyed a Jaan Bai with green Kampot peppercorns, chilli jam and a pork belly bao with five spice slaw and peanuts.

Sounds delicious!

A huge thank you to Kabuto's Asian Traveller!

All of us at Kabuto would love to thank Rachel for becoming Kabuto's Asian Traveller and discovering the secrets of Cambodia! If you would like to see more of Rachel's travels head over to her blog


Have you ever wondered how noodles are made traditionally? Kabuto’s Asian Traveller discovered David's Noodle Bar in Phnom Penh, where all noodles and dumplings are made fresh on site. Check out the noodle pulling skills in the video! You can literally get ANY noodles at this noodle bar. Our Asian Traveller opted for the classic ‘Thai Noodles’ made from the key Cambodian ingredients – lime leaf, ginger, lemongrass, chillies and garlic.

Think you could give this a go?

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