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The Tusk Rhino Trail

Sadly, rhino populations across Africa are in critical danger, threatened by a global poaching crisis. The illegal wildlife trade is now the fourth largest criminal industry in the world after drugs, arms and human trafficking….

Thanks to the actions of the charity Tusk and the determination of conservationists, governments and donors, the global rhino population numbers are on the rise. But further action is needed to secure the future of these magnificent animals and we wanted to do our bit to help too!

So, we joined the charge this summer and PROUDLY sponsored a rhino designed by artist Nancy Fouts for The Tusk Rhino Trail – a London-wide art installation that raised awareness and vital funds to support the rhino population across Africa.

Kabuto’s Rhino, Designed by Nancy Fouts

Kabuto’s sponsored rhino is called “WATCH OUT!”: “as to have eyes in the back of your head means having the ability to detect what is going on all around one, even beyond one’s field of vision. For the critically endangered Black Rhino they need even more than this they need us to WATCH OUT for them and keep them safe”.

Kabuto’s sponsorship of this rhino sculpture means that Tusk can continue to do their amazing work.

Our sponsorship will:

The Auction – October 2018

The rhino sculptures from The Tusk Rhino trail went on sale on 9th October and raised an extraordinary £624,000! Kabuto’s rhino sold for a whopping £12,000!

Every penny raised from the auction will go directly to support Tusk’s conservation work across Africa, aiding in the fight to #endwildlifecrime and protect more than 40 different threatened species across the continent.

Please visit for more information about their fantastic work.