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The Kabuto Team

The Kabuto Team is made up of seven noodle lovers, creators, thinkers and doers who are truly passionate about the Asian way of life; it’s habits, values philosophy and crucially it’s cuisine!

Crispin Busk

Kabuto's Samurai Master

Crispin is Kabuto’s founder. You’ll mostly find him exploringand experimenting new ideas and products and keeping the rest of The Kabuto Team inspired and motivated.

In his spare time, you’ll usually find Crispin surfing or glued to a good book.

Fun fact! Kabuto Noodles is actually Crispin’s second business. His first was called It made 0 sales. Ironically, he was also in charge of making Pot Noodle's first website. That didn’t work out either…

Paul Bartlett

Commercial Director

Paul leads all things commercial. He is the master of strategy, category, sales and making it all happen with our supermarket customers.

Paul is super adventurous; you could probably say he's more at home out and about exploring new places with his family than actually at home.

Fun fact! Paul's nickname is Buzz Lightyear. We're not sure which one came first, Paul or Buzz.

Sophie Venner

Sales Warrior

Sophie brings home the bacon for Kabuto. She manages a few of our big supermarket customers, online retailers like Amazon and our airlines.

In her spare time, you'll mostly find Sophie the other side of the world. To call her a jet setter is an understatement.

Fun fact! Sophie's mum once shut her eyebrow in the car door. We're not sure how that's possible either...

Bruce Rowland

Marketing Ninja No. 1

Bruce manages all things marketing for Kabuto. He is the master of packaging, design and making sure Crispin’s vision of Kabuto is achieved.

Super outdoors-y, you’ll often find Bruce doing something active in his spare time, or playing rugby with his (not so little) twin boys.

Fun fact! Bruce once scored a try at Twickenham!

Megan Davis

Marketing Ninja No.2

Lover of a good meme, Meg manages Kabuto’s social media, design and all the creative bits. You could say her job is to basically make things look pretty.

In her spare time, you’ll most likely find Meg immersed in a good film, or you might catch her at the odd rave or festival.

Fun fact! Meg's taken off in more planes than she's landed in! Work that one out.

Chris Pape

Finance Manager

With over 10 years’ experience, Chris manages all things numbers for Kabuto. Chris has a (not so) healthy obsession with spreadsheets, so much so he has a tendency to call a good one ‘sexy’.

In his spare time Chris loves jet setting off to Ibiza and having a bit of a rave.

Fun fact! Can you believe Chris once won The Weakest Link, snapping up a tasty £2,300 for his troubles.

Chris Chew

Operations Manager

Chris probably has the most important job here at Kabuto. He’s the wizard that makes sure all of Kabuto’s tasty noodles are in the right place at the right time.

In his spare time, you’ll find Chris listening to lots of disco music and playing pool. Sometimes both at the same time.

Fun fact! Chris still dreams of being in a boy band

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