Kabuto is not your average noodle

We know, because we spent a whole year testing out every instant noodle on the market, from both British supermarkets and specialist Asian stores. Then we ate out in every Thai, Chinese and Japanese restaurant we could find to get a sense of the kind of flavours we wanted to recreate.

Appealing to the Western palate
was vital

But we wanted to get a real taste of Asia in there too. Our recipes may not be 100% authentic, but they’re definitely downright delicious!

No additives
or preservatives, sachets or plastic

Just fresh-tasting quality ingredients brought to life by boiling water. Our most popular recipe is Chicken Ramen, but we’re probably most proud of Prawn Tom Yum – a hot and spicy Thai noodle soup that we think is the most delicious thing we’ve ever made!

The master follows where the noodle leads

Meet the master Crispin Busk

I’m not your typical entrepreneur. I didn’t sell stocks and shares aged 8 and start my first business at 13. In fact, I was too busy eating my way around Asia and Australia & working at lots of different jobs before I started working in food when I was close to 30.

This is what I was thinking:

“Why is it that restaurant noodles taste healthy, fresh and authentic, while supermarket noodles come in Southern fried chicken and doner kebab flavours? And: how can you put something worth eating in a packet, then a box, then drive it to a shop, then sell it for as little as 10p? So I decided to make a posh version of pot noodles. Noodles that I’m happy for my kids to eat; noodles that I’m happy to sell and recommend.

My noodle road has been suitably long and winding – from starting out with 15,000 pots, no customers and a very pregnant wife, to walking the streets of London to find independent shops to stock us, to launching in Harvey Nicks, and now into countries around the world. We’re still a tiny company with a long way to go, but it has been a brilliant few years and we’re looking forward to every twist and turn to come!”

“Act Like A Man Of Thought. Think Like A Man Of Noodles.”

Good Stuff We Do

As well as doing lots of work to make sure we find the best suppliers and customers, we also wanted to work with a mixture of charities.

We support Frank Water, Empire Fighting Chance and Cool Earth and the great work they do.

Good Stuff We Do

Frank Water

We take care to use only the highest quality ingredients in our noodles. But the one vital addition that we often take for granted is…water!

Let’s face it – nobody wants a cup of dry noodles. The folks at FRANK Water know their H2O. They’ve been working to provide safe water and sanitation to villages in India and Nepal since 2005.

Since then, they’ve reached nearly 360,000 people with clean drinking water and toilets. Safe water doesn’t just help people stay healthy. Having clean drinking water on your doorstep saves girls and women hours of carrying heavy pots to and from the nearest water source and opens up opportunities for education and employment. For a chance to break free from poor health and poverty, just add water.

Empire Fighting Chance

We’ve worked with Bristol Boxing for over 4 years now and were their first corporate sponsor. They’re a great bunch who provide programmes for excluded or vulnerable young people in Bristol. We met them from going boxing ourselves and seeing that they were donating their time and energy free of charge – they were a charity but didn’t realise they were!

We gave them some help to provide a summer programme initially, both to help them out and to see if they could put the systems in place to become a proper charity. Since then they’ve grown enormously – they’ve got new premises and have just won bigger grants in recognition of what they do and to help them further on the way. We’re really proud to have been part of their journey too.

Cool Earth

We’re conscious of our impact on the environment at Kabuto – we enjoy spending lots of time outdoors and want to make sure we do our bit to keep the great outdoors great for us, our customers & our kids. We’ve recently started working with Cool Earth to mitigate our carbon emissions.

Cool Earth estimate that for every acre of forest protected, they mitigate 260 tons of carbon emitted. We donate £500 per month which means we mitigate over 25,000 tons of carbon and protect 100 acres of forest and 24,000 trees. Hopefully this is just the start & we look forward to working with them more!