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The Story
of Kabuto

After travelling round Asia in his twenties, Crispin, our Samurai Master, fell in love with the Asian way of life and their food; particularly the amazing flavours! After getting back from his travels he tried various jobs but didn’t find anything that truly inspired him. When he got into his thirties he decided that what he really wanted to do was start his own business. After a couple of impressive failures there was one thing that he kept coming back to: his passion for all those exciting recipes and great flavours he had enjoyed on his travels round Asia.

After throwing around an idea with some friends on a camping trip, he realised that there might be an opportunity for a new type of instant noodle. One that had the same flavours he had tasted on his travels around Asia but wasn’t packed full of nasty stuff like additives and preservatives. So, Crispin took the brave step, quit his day job and put all his energies into trying to create the UK’s best instant noodles, using inspiration from all the great flavours he’d found on his travels around Asia.

Herbs and spices

What makes Crispin snap his chopsticks?

“I didn’t understand why food that’s convenient needs to be bland and predictable. And I didn’t think that it had to be flavourless and packed full of additives and flavour enhancers. I wanted to make noodles that I would be happy to feed my kids and my friends, noodles that I would be happy to personally recommend.”
Crispin Busk - Kabuto’s Samurai master

Headshot of our founder, Crispin Busk

Kabuto is not your average noodle

Drawing on his inspiration from the Asian flavours he experienced on his travels and adding a bit of a modern twist, Crispin’s goal was to produce noodles that not only tasted amazing, but were made using only real and natural ingredients. He wanted to produce noodles that had all the good stuff in them but none of the bad things like additives, flavour enhancers or preservatives.

Crispin’s noodle road has been suitably long and winding – having invested all of his life savings and starting out with just a few thousand pots, no customers, no income and a very pregnant wife; to walking the streets of London selling his noodles by knocking on shop doors. But all of his hard work definitely paid off as you can now find our noodles in all the UK’s major supermarkets.

A pot of Kabut Noodles

Our ethos

Our small army of Samurai Warriors all have one thing in common, we absolutely love Asia, the Asian way of life, the culture, the values, the philosophy and of course (the most important bit) the food. We’re on a bit of a mission to produce the best Asian inspired noodles we can, but we want them to always have the best flavours, never have anything artificial in them and for them to always put a smile on the faces of our customers!

Since launching in 2009 things haven’t changed much though. We’ve grown a bit to a team of six, but all of our noodle recipes still begin in the kitchen with Crispin and his wife, Jo. Taking their inspiration from Asia, they carefully handcraft and develop the recipes, using all of the amazing flavours they discovered.

Life's a journey, and for every step there are noodles

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