Our story

Kabuto is for the eater with big dreams, a bit of a rebellious streak, and/or a fondness for really well-made noodles that happen to be ready almost instantly.

Everything we do is rooted in bringing a fresh take to the table. One noodle at a time. It might be a small drop in the pot but, to us, that’s the perfect place to start.

Crispin eating noodles
Crispin & Noodles

"Life's A Journey, And For Every Step There Are Noodles"


Instant noodles had a bad reputation back in the days of flash mobs and the iPhone 4 (see: 2010). Chock-full of mysterious ingredients and things you couldn’t pronounce, they didn’t seem like the healthiest meal for anyone. It was more similar to a science project than a satisfying lunch, really. 

One day we set out to change this. That was the day Kabuto was born.

Crispin Signature

Crispin, founder of Kabuto Noodles

Crispin Newspaper
Crispin Surfing
Noodle broth bowl

We’re doing things differently - our own way

We keep the main thing, the main thing. And our main thing? Instant noodles, of course. But we go way beyond that too. What matters just as much as making excellent dishes is creating honest relationships with our customers; building a team of great staff and helping them grow; and giving something back.

We believe that how we do one thing is how we do everything, so we might as well do everything really, really well.

Rainforest Photograph
Warriors We Salute You

The Bigger Picture

We’re big fans of everyone being able to live their best life, and we love supporting the people who help make that happen. Here are the people and causes we’re raising a pot to.

Enlightening Moments

Our journey brought to life through our favourite moments from the past 10 years.
Crispin trade show

2010: Kabuto was born.

We sold our first pot to Eat 17 in Walthamstow, and we still count them among our wise samurai today.
Harvey Nics


Our noodles hit the shelves at both Harvey Nichols and Waitrose. Crispin still remembers blasting the Foo Fighters on his way back from the meeting (it was Times Like These, if you’re curious!)
Office shot


We launched 2 new flavours and got listed in Sainsbury’s. Plus our small team moved into our first office… and out of Crispin’s house.
Crispin tube


Our first big campaign hit the London tube. Over 2 million mouths watered on their way around the city.
timeline blank


Meal Kits made their debut and Americans finally got a taste of the action with Kusari.