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Noodles on the go

Noodles on the go

Here at Kabuto Noodles we love an adventure when we get a short break from feeding the world with great tasting noodles, from jetting off to Iceland to explore the waterfalls, to pelting it down the M5 to north Devon for a quick surf.

Whilst we don’t suggest you try and eat a Kabuto whilst surfing, we do have some great suggestions on how you too can spend more time doing the things your love by scoffing down a convenient Kabuto for a burst of energy. Check out below some of the great ways to eat our noodles on the go.

The Mud Run

We Warriors here at Kabuto love a good mud run, especially taking on our very own obstacle at Dirty Dozen Races. We took a few thousand noodles along to Dirty Dozen in April and woah we didn’t bring enough, nearly every single race goer tucked into a Kabuto at the end of the race…we were even getting requests from the medic tent for those who pushed it a little too hard…

Student Life

We’ve been chatting to some energetic students and learnt how super busy you are not only with dissertations, part-time jobs and partying but the sporting events you run to keep up with doing the things you love. There’s some great events out there and we are so proud to power you through with Kabuto Noodles at half time, from break-dancing and rugby to kayak polo and skiing.


The Festival Season

The festival season is nearly here and what better to way to power you through nearly five days of rough sleeping and heavy partying than by eating Kabuto Noodles. Pack a mini camping stove & you’re sorted.


Water Sports

We love a good kayak and surf however hot or cold the weather is and always find ourselves freezing cold and hungry when we get out of the water. Luckily, wherever we go we carry a stash of noodles, so we often find ourselves asking the beach cafe for a splash of boiling water to replenish our energy & warm up before we dive back in. Or if you are down at Saunton Sands you can grab a Kabuto straight from Saunton Break Cafe.


In The Ring

As a sponsor of Empire Fighting Chance here in Bristol, there’s no surprise we’re into boxing. We love to throw a few punches ourselves yet it never fails to surprise us how much harder boxing is than it looks. Always ahead of the game, we now chow down on a Kabuto Noodle about an hour before our session to stock up on quick, energy releasing, carbohydrates to power us through our session in the ring.


The Office Adventure 

Sadly for some of us we just can’t catch a break and need a tasty, convenient meal that we can stash in our desk for that dreary day where we can only dream of an adventure outside of the office. For those unlucky Samurai we hope one day you can join us but in the meantime we will carry on providing you with great tasting noodles that can be whipped out of the draw and slurped at the desk so you can finish your work in time for the weekend.Click here for your chance to win a stash of noodles for your office…