Miso Aubergine BBQ

Written by Jon Finch

Keep your grill, hot, clean and well lubricated.

Before and after every session you should clean and oil your grill. Get it nice and hot to burn off any crud then, using tongs,  rub over with a kitchen towel dipped in a light cooking oil. This keeps your grill hygienic as well as helping prevent food from sticking to the bars.


Set Up a 2-Zone / Indirect Cooking Area

Set up your BBQ so you have two cooking zones, one directly over the flames for searing, the other cooler to allow the meat to cook through indirectly. You can cook anything from sausages and burgers through to whole joints of meat this way. With a charcoal grill just pile your coals to one side. With a gas grill keep the burners medium-high on one side and low-off on the other.


Slow things down, relax….

True BBQ takes time and patience. The meat is done, when it’s done – don’t try and rush things. When grilling, learn to control your fire and keep the heat consistent. Keep a spritz bottle full of water handy and douse down flames that start getting out of hand. 


Don’t get Saucy Until the End.

BBQ sauces and glazes have a high sugar content that will burn very quickly and go bitter. The appearance will also make you think the food is cooked, when it isn’t.

Where possible, cook your meat through and then glaze/sauce towards the end and allow to go sticky over indirect heat.


Check for Done-ness

Overcooking is as sinful as undercooking. Invest in a good instant read thermometer so you know the exact temperature of the meat and takes away the guesswork. You’ll always know the chicken is cooked through and you’ll be able to serve up the perfect medium rare steak.