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Beyond Noodles

We’re big fans of everyone being able to live their best life, so we like people who try to make the world a better place. These are the heroes and causes we support.

Frank Water

We take care to use only the highest quality ingredients in our noodles. But the one vital addition that we often take for granted is…water! Let’s face it, nobody wants a cup of dry noodles. But luckily the folks at FRANK Water know their H2O. They’ve been working to provide safe water and sanitation for villages in India and Nepal since 2005. Since then, they’ve reached nearly 360,000 people with clean drinking water and toilets. If you are interested in helping them, please check out their website.

Visit Frank Water

Empire Fighting Chance

We met them a few years ago after Crispin went training with them at their boxing club, and when we saw the amazing things they were doing, we decided they were definitely an organisation we wanted to support.

They’ve recently won awards in recognition of the work they do for excluded and vulnerable young people. We’re really proud to have been part of their journey.

Visit Empire Fighting Chance

Cool Earth

Here at Kabuto we’re conscious of our impact on the environment. We enjoy spending lots of time outdoors and want to make sure we do our bit to keep the great outdoors great for us, our customers and our kids. We work with Cool Earth to mitigate our carbon emissions. Cool Earth estimate that for every acre of forest protected, they mitigate 260 tons of carbon emitted. We donate a % of our profits every month which means we mitigate over 25,000 tons of carbon and protect 100 acres of forest and 24,000 trees. Hopefully this is just the start and we look forward to working with them more!

Visit Cool Earth