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“Life’s a journey, and for every step there are noodles.”

When we started working on Kabuto in 2010, instant noodles had a bad reputation. They were full of things like MSG and preservatives that made them an unhealthy meal option. We set out to change this.

We began working on ideas for the flavours and for how the brand should look with the aim of creating great tasting Asian inspired noodles that would also leave you feeling satisfied. By January 2011, we had 15,000 noodle pots ready to go, no customers, a pregnant wife and a two-year-old at home.

We spent that year driving carloads of noodles around the UK trying to find customers, but luckily lots of nice shop owners said they’d give them a go (you know who you are!). As they started to sell them, we managed to get Kabuto Noodles into bigger stores in the UK and beyond and have continued growing until this day.

Even as we continue to grow, we want to stay true to the principles of the brand. We know there’s still many lessons to learn but we’re always going to try to make the world’s best instant noodles.

- Crispin (Founder of Kabuto Noodles)