Kab-u-to work! The Hangover Taxi

Dec 11, 2013.

The ultimate way to survive the office party season…

Looks like its reached that time of year again when the Michael Bublé Christmas album feels permanently etched into your brain, and you no longer have time to do anything at the weekend other than wrestle your way around the UK’s dying high streets and stand in inexplicably long queues just for the sake of buying a £5 gift for the office Secret Santa that you think will be hilarious but inevitably will only ever be inappropriate…

Then, like a beautifully crafted cyber gift from a festive elf, a clip art laden email from an over enthusiastic PA will pop into your inbox announcing the office Christmas party!

So you find a suitably horrendous Christmas jumper or an unnecessarily sparkly dress, whip out the tatty pair of reindeer antlers that you proudly received free with your twelfth glass of overpriced eggnog at the local Christmas Market last weekend, and you’re ready to go.

But there’s one thing that always gets forgotten as you throw caution to the wind and spend Tuesday night smashing through your weekly alcohol limit… tomorrow is not the weekend and there’s no hope of a massive lie in with a Christmas movie marathon and multiple mince pies. You need to fight your way onto the rush hour tube, before inevitably regretting that last round of tequila slammers as you find yourself squeezed into a less-than-festive montage of frantic commuters. But not this year!

We often get told that a steaming pot of Kabuto Noodles has rescued a fuzzy head, so we’ve decided to go an extra step further and create the ultimate hangover cure. Introducing Kab-u-to Work! This season we’re going to be trialling a bespoke taxi service to get you from your house to your office the night after your Christmas party – including a ‘hangover cure’ pack with some paracetamol, fresh orange juice, mints, sunglasses and a pot of hot Kabuto Noodles to eat on-the-go.

London party-goers can pre-book their Kab-U-To Work journey using the email address kabutowork@kabutonoodles.com with the details of their booking or by tweeting @kabutonoodles using #Kabutowork

With Kab-u-to work, you’ll be back to your desk the morning after your Christmas party in a fit enough state to face your inbox and your colleagues (who may or may not have appreciated your exuberant rendition of Mariah Carey from the night before…)

The trial does have limited availability and will only operate within London this year. But we want to expand it to other cities next year, so get in touch and let us know where you’d like to see Kab-u-to Work in 2014!

Kabuto Work Taxi

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